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Local Projects is currently seeking a Linear Media Director with experience working with design teams to execute linear media productions. Working with the project team, the Linear Media Director will be in charge of writing treatments and developing scripts in tandem with the project creative director and overseen by the project director. This roll will also oversee all necessary pre-production tasks for both studio and location shoots such as casting, crews, bookings, releases, etc., as well as knowledge and expertise in production to direct, light and shoot films. The Linear Media Director will establish project plans for post production, manage the edit process, and oversee both the internal workflow between edit and design, and the client facing review process for linear media edits. Candidates must have experience working with designers in both concept and post-production phases, have a strong network of freelance editors, sound designers and other specialists, and knowledge of licensing requirements from both stock and archival sources.

Candidates should have minimum of 6 years relevant experience. Expertise in large scale, installation based media experience is a plus.



  • Work with the Project Manager and Creative Director on understanding the overall story arc and the needs for linear media within the project, then lead the pre-production, production and post processes.
  • Manage and coordinate content deliveries and edit reviews with LP Project Manager and client team.
  • Based on the briefs developed in the design phase, support and/or lead the storyboarding, treatment writing, and scripting processes.
  • Direct, light, shoot, and guide in studio and remote shoots as well as efficiently manage editing in post-production.
  • Map out the contingencies and timeline to meet the deliverable dates in conjunction with the project manager, as well as content development, visual experience design, motion design, UX/UI, creative technologists and other key stakeholders.
  • Find new technology and processes to increase efficiency and improve overall video quality.
  • Knowledgeable on the technical aspects of the discipline, such as video formats, video compression, camera specifications, etc.
  • Excellent understanding of linear media pipeline, including shooting, post-production, file management and final master outputs.
  • Experience working with non-traditional formats (large scale projections, interactive media) is required.
  • Experience layering and syncing audio.
  • Excellent writing skills and communication.
  • Ability to travel.


  • 5-7 years work experience directing linear media productions for large-scale, environmental experiences, including narrative / historical / educational productions.
  • Experience working with a collaborative design team.
  • Experience working with cultural institutions and C-suite level clients.
  • Experience overseeing all stages of film productions: pre-production, production, post, installation.
  • Capable of either executing or overseeing those who direct, light, shoot, and guide in-studio and remote shoots as well as efficiently manage editing in post-production.
  • Comfort with production scales that vary; should be versed in both very small flexible ad-hoc shoots, as well as large scale highly produced shoots.
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