Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

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We are an Experience Design Studio producing a wide variety of interactive installations for museums, corporations, and public spaces. Candidates should have demonstrated experience coding and deploying small to medium scale applications and services from concept to installation. We are looking for candidates who are proficient technically, but also have a passion for creating robust and well engineered solutions while having an eye for great aesthetics of the final solution.

As a Creative Engineer at Local Projects tasks include:

* API and content/data-management systems (and dashboards) development using Python/Flask and/or C# .NET Framework.

* Back-end scripting and applications to support front-end applications

* Database design and implementation

This is a creative environment. Engineers collaborate with designers, architects and other technologists. All are encouraged to work fluidly across domains, contributing to all aspects of the build from the ideation to final installation.


You must have an interest in, and passion for, learning new technologies and practices. You should be able to learn fast and be able to work in a fast-paced and deliverables-focused organization. This means managing the balance between solid engineering for long-term stability and fast solutions for immediate results. We are looking for candidates who are passionate about both, but who also know how to prioritize to be able to solve for both with proper planning.

The ideal candidate embraces new technologies, keeps abreast of best-practices, and helps make the system easy and effortless for all team members. Backend solutions should make front-end engineers' work easy and flexible; they should make clients happy because the infrastructure is robust and managed with solid tools.

Candidates must have at least 4 years of production experience in a fast-paced production-oriented environment, with regular delivery milestones.

Candidates will have the following skills and experience:

  • Python and/or C# proficiency
  • Javascript and front-end web proficiency
  • Comfortable with a recent front-end framework
  • Strong understanding of web services and microservices architectures
  • Strong database background with RDBMS, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Must be proficient in SQL
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to communicate technical issues to project managers and designers.

Bonus Skills

  • C++, iOS, openGL programming exposure
  • A desire to create great documentation
  • Solid time-management and project estimation ability


Local Projects has a culture of prototyping and experimentation, creating an environment where every member of our staff is exposed to every other discipline's working. We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope on technologies, using technical solutions in unusual ways, and ultimately making truly fun experiences.

Our environment encourages cross pollination between designers, architects, producers, managers and developers, and you may even be called upon to be an extra in a green-screened shoot.

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