Senior Creative Technologist (Back End)

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As a Creative Engineer at Local Projects tasks include:

* Back-end development (Python/Flask especially, also helpful: Go, PHP, bash, C++)

* Machine Learning solutions

* DevOps (Ansible, Chef, Salt, etc)

* SysOps (network architecture and setup, AWS, etc).

This is a creative environment. Engineers collaborate with physical designers, visual experience designers (graphic designers), and hardware engineers. All are encouraged to work fluidly across domains, contributing to everything from the ideation process to production workflow.


You MUST have an interest in, and passion for, learning new technologies and practices.

The ideal candidate embraces new technologies, updates best-practices, and helps make front-end engineers and clients happy with the back-end implementation and infrastructure. Prospective candidates will have the following skills and experience:

  • Python proficiency; must also know at least one other scripting language (Perl, PHP, Ruby)
  • Javascript and front-end web proficiency (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Comfort with a recent front-end framework (React, Angular, etc)
  • Strong experience with web frameworks such as Django, Flask, Rails, Yii, etc.
  • Strong understanding of REST and web services architectures
  • Strong database background with RDBMS, primarily MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Experience with NoSQL solutions, preferably MongoDB
  • Comfort with all components of Amazon Web Services stack
  • Comfort with at least one non-AWS cloud solution; i.e., Google App-Engine, Heroku, etc.
  • Experience with deployment tools; eg. capistrano, fabric, ansible, puppet, chef, etc.
  • Strong Linux experience; including shell scripting, and basic systems administration
  • Proficiency with git, and gitlab; familiarity with gitolite, git-lfs and git-annex
  • Excellent communication, documentation and time-management skills


Local Projects has a culture of prototyping and experimentation, creating an environment where every member of our staff is exposed to every other discipline's inner working. We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope on technologies, using technical solutions in unusual ways, and ultimately making truly fun experiences.

Our environment encourages cross pollination between designers, architects, producers, managers and developers, and you may even be called upon to be an extra in a green-screened shoot.

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