Creative Technologist Intern

New York, United States · Creative Technology


Creative Technologist internships at Local Projects are an opportunity for you to gain exposure to a real-world production environment, and giving you active context for all the theory you learned. Interns are assigned to active projects and will be involved in utilizing the following technologies (based on background and capacity):

* OpenFrameworks and GLSL based programming

* Javascript rich interactive development using libraries like PixiJS, ThreeJS, WebGL, etc.

* Back-end and infrastructure development with a Python based toolchain to build management dashboards, machine learning pipelines, devops workflows, and build tooling.

* Mobile development with Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, etc.

* Unity, TouchDesigner and other rapid prototyping environments

* Investigation of new platforms and programming environments

* Integrating design and technology to build rich visitor facing experiences


Candidates must have relevant programming background, and must be actively enrolled in a technical program.

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